We helped Kaiser Permanente reposition itself as the predominant voice of healthcare for millennials. We targeted our largely female audience by creating a social media muse, "Zoe": our restless, confident, and conscious consumer looking for long-term changes in her lifestyle. We were tasked to create a vibrant, approachable, and wellness-centered channel that resonated with all the "Zoe's" of the world.
We achieve this vibrant and young feeling by changing KP's visual language. We chose lighthearted, colorful imagery with just a hint of cheekiness. We also use a mixture of straightforward dialogue and handwritten typography to emphasize the brand's personality and individuality. The compilation of new color, language, and illustration creates a bright and personable social presence while always referring to content that is #poweredbyhealth. 

Color & Type
The KP world is positive, vibrant, and inspiring. We use these colors for eye-catching visuals to inform our illustrations, typography, and photography. The identity typeface, Gotham, is used for testimonials and large amounts of copy done in a direct and approachable way. 

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