This Must Be The Place is a VICE TV limited mini series with amplification throughout the entire VICE ecosystem, created in partnership with TikTok, to showcase the quality and diversity of culture organically thriving on the platform. In each episode, host and TikTok enthusiast Daren Girdner guides viewers through a punchy thread of creator videos curated to entertain and inform our audience of interest-based sub-community on TikTok that are relevant to them. We explore sub-communities unique and unexpected, and creator videos that have avoided virality. 

The 3min episodes run between VICE TV programming, replacing a commercial experience with a viewing experience that legitimizes the entertainment value and joy of TikTok. We also distributed the content digitally on our YouTube channel, a hub on our .com, and VICE’s Facebook and Instagram handles.
Free Stuff
Mesmerizing Mundane
New Cinema
The Absurd

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